On the way, back from Kintamani volcano, we will pass to Sri Batu village. At this village is well known as where the Luwak coffee plantation is. This coffee is very unique in process of making with all the steps are traditionally done, no machine is involved into the process. Luwak is an animal looks like a cat but it has sharper nose and black eyes. Some people call it mongoose. Luwak likes to eat fruits, mostly coffee fruits, papaya, etc. They will eat coffee fruits in the middle of night because they are very active at night time. The coffee fruits that eaten by Luwak will be through the process in the stomach till come out from Luwak poop. After that people, will collect that, because the coffee bean is there and still stick together. They will put it in very hot water to get the coffee bean and dry it under the sun. When it is dry, people will take off the skin or husk of coffee and start the process of making coffee powder. It needs 45 to 1 hour roasting the bean till turning really black color followed by pounding it and filter it before they get very good coffee powder. All the process is traditionally to get very fine quality.


When we arrive there, the staff will show you around to see their garden which is consist of many kinds of tropical threes such us banana three, durian, coconut, vanilla three, and many baser on what we have in Bali. And also, they will show Balinese spicy such as ginger, turmeric, clove, lemongrass and so on. After that they will show the process of making many kinds of coffee, tea, chocolate.

When you finish with the short tour, you will have a chance to try most of their product for free. Mostly all kinds of teas, coffee, chocolate, except Luwak coffee is chargeable. In every of their product have its own good for the body like, blood pressure, stress, good skin, and many more. Enjoy drinking with a very beautiful view of river and rice field. End of visit, have their store where you can buy their product if any of them you like.

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