Have you heard about it? Bali Ubud Monkey Forest is located in the center of Ubud village where most of the tourists like to see while they are in Ubud. Bali Ubud Monkey Forest is a small rain forest dwelt by some monkeys and other tropical animals. In Balinese language, monkey forest called Wanara Wana also written on the entrance gate before you enter it. So, Bali Ubud Monkey Forest is very important function of the continuity the monkey habitat in Bali. Because of that the local community make important role to keep this forest naturally so that all wild animals able to live smoothly.


Bali Ubud Monkey forest location is on the southern of Ubud around 3 km south of central town with a leading road to go also with the name of Jalan (Street) Monkey forest. Anyway, this Bali Ubud Monkey Forest can be reached by many sides beside from the central village of Ubud, from southern area of Ubud, from eastern corner of Ubud as well. For those of you staying in Kuta, the distance to get this monkey forest around 45 km, from Nusa Dua area around 55 km, from Sanur around 40 km.


Visiting Bali Ubud Forest is one of the most interesting place in full day Bali Ubud Tour where you can enjoy seeing around and taking pictures with monkeys. But there are some activities that you need to be aware of when you are inside the forest. The local peoples take care the monkeys very well from their food and the forest where they live. However, monkey sometime may grab the visitor glasses or other things if they get to close with them. Avoid to bring plastic bags, bottle, or other food to the forest because they like to grab it.
If they jump on you, stay calm and don’t scream and look to their eyes, just let them stay for a while and they might just want to play with you. So, hope this information will help you to enjoy more your holiday at Bali Ubud Monkey Forest.


To enter this monkey forest, entrance fee will be charged and you will receive a ticket with the explanation about this monkey forest. The ticket price is about 30.000 Rupiah each person. And if you like to feed the monkey, local people also sells bananas in the forest.
If you would like to see more about animal, some tours are available such as Bali Half Day Animal Tour or Bali Safari and Marine Park.