Uluwatu Temple - Ubud VW Tour

Uluwatu Temple is one of the most famous temple in South of Bali. This temple is located in Pecatu Village, Kuta Sub-district, Badung District, Bali. The temple is 32 kilometers to the south of Denpasar. Uluwatu Temple, also called Luhur Temple, is one of the six Sad Kahyangan Temples, the main spiritual pillars in Bali Island.

This temple is featured by a small dry forest which is mostly called by Alas Kekeran (interdict forest) which is belong to the temple and dwelt by a lot of monkeys and other animals. Name of Uluwatu was come from the word Ulu meaning the head and Watu meaning stone. Therefore, Uluwatu Temple means the temple built on the cliff and facing to the Indian Ocean.


Uluwatu temple was built by Dang Hyang Nirartha, a pedanda (Hindu monk) from Daha Kingdom (Kediri) in East Java. Dang Hyang Nirartha came to Bali in 1546 AD, during the reign of Dalem Waturenggong. The monk built Uluwatu Temple on Pecatu Hill. After completing a spiritual journey around Bali, the monk went back to Uluwatu Temple and died there. He moksa (died and his body vanished), leaving the Marcapada (worldly life) and entering Swargaloka (heaven).

In the other resources, such as (Bible made from palm leave) of Usana Bali is mentioning that Mpu Kuturan (a holy priest from Java Island spread out the Hinduism in Bali) who had built many temples in Bali including Uluwatu Temple. Mpu Kuturan is identically considered with Senapati Kuturan, a historical figure who lived during the reign of Udayana King, Marakata and Anak Wungsu in the 11 centuries. He is one of the public figures who joined in the institution of king advisor. According with this Lontar, then the construction of Uluwatu Temple is preceded by Mpu Kuturan in the 11 centuries.

As a famous tourist destination in Bali, Uluwatu temple has an entrance ticket for every person that would like to go and visit the temple. But the ticket price is really reasonable. It is only 20.000 Rupiah for each person, and they provide sarong which is needed for everyone that entering the temple. So, this temple is recommended to visit while you are in Bali.


Kecak fire dance is very famous in Bali. This dance is accompanying music which is provided by the human voice, the gamelan suara, a choir of a hundred men or more sitting in concentric circles, swaying, standing up, lying prone as the story develops. Among the swaying masses the voices of the storytellers can be heard telling the unfolding tale.

Kecak Dance is also the only dance that was created for the sole purpose of entertaining foreigners. It is almost never watched by the Balinese in their villages. Kecak fire dance is performed just before sunset, from 6-7 pm. As the drama unfolds, the scene is cast in the last rays of the sun when its orb slowly disappears behind the glowing horizon of the sea. The story continues into the darkness of nightfall as dancers are dramatically lit only by the light thrown from the flames of torches casting long shadows.

Not known exactly where Kecak dance originated and which was first developed, but there is some kind of agreement on the Balinese Kecak was first developed into a performing art in the village of Bona, Gianyar, as additional knowledge Kecak was originally a song or music that is resultant from a combination sounds that make up melodies that are usually used to accompany the sacred dance Sanghyang. And only be staged in the temple. Then in the early 1930s by artists from village of Bona, Gianyar trying to develop a Kecak dance by taking the story of Ramayana who danced as a substitute for Sanghyang Dance, so this dance could eventually be displayed in public as a performance art.

And to see this dance, there is a performance ticket. The price is 100.000 Rupiah for each person include the story text.