This village is a traditional village located near to Batubulan in the Gianyar Regency where you can appreciate the culture which in many ways is similar to other villages except for one major factor, Celuk Village is well known for the gold and silver handicrafts which are available around this area with reasonable price.

There are a lot to see around Celuk Village, as well as the shopping opportunities and the culture of the area is fascinating and relaxing to see where the pace of life is slow and you will find some interesting characters and plenty of places to try the local and international dishes meanwhile enjoying the view of rice field and the farmers activity.


Celuk village is one of the famous village in Gianyar regency. This village located approximately 8 km away from Denpasar city. around 20 minutes driving. It’s also right after Batubulan Village which you are bound to pass on the way to Ubud village. Sukawati Traditional Market is also near to this village, so it’s always a good idea to stop at Celuk village to see their production. Simply ask local vendors in the market about the direction to Celuk Village; they will be more than happy to guide you there. The neighborhood stands out from the surrounding, thanks to gold and silver works gallery trimming both sides of the road.


Long time ago, most of the dwellers were farmers. Rumors have it that there were only three families who belonged to the caste of Pande that pioneered this industry. This caste is well-known for their specialty in manipulating all kinds of metals to create accessories for Hindu’s prayers. As tourism was becoming main commodity in Bali, more and more people left their farm behind and started to learn to craft silver and gold. Almost all of the villagers had become silversmiths Specially, in 1976 and Celuk Village has been popular with its beautiful jewelry and other silver handicrafts since that time.


Celuk village is in the center of Gianyar regency which is easy to reach from the hotels area such as Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, and Sanur. And the local people in Celuk will start their work normally by 8 am, so it is good time to visit this village in the morning by 10 or 11 to see them making and working with the silver and also to get a good price to start their day.