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Bali Kintamani Volcano is the most famous tourist destination in Bali, it is located in village of Batur, Kintamani, regency of Bangli about 70 kilometers from Denpasar and 2 hours 30 minutes driving. It is very interesting place to visit to enjoy the magnificent view of active volcano in Bali from the distance standing 900 meters above the sea level. Kintamani is the object of mountain tourism is very unique and stunning, with cool air condition in the daytime and cold at night.

It is good to spend more time in Kintamani to relax and enjoy the view after a long drive and a lot of stopping before we rich this place to see the sights of nature. We will see the beautiful panorama from Kintamani village to the active volcano of Batur Mountain and the Lake of Batur in a valley. When we stand up there in Kintamani, we will able to see the rural of area close to the lake.


Mount Batur in Kintamani is an active volcano located at the center of two calderas north-west of Mount Agung. The inner 7.5-kilometer-wide caldera, the south-east side of the larger 10×13 km caldera contains a caldera lake and has been dated at about 23,670 and 28,500 years ago.

The southeast wall of the inner caldera lies beneath Lake Batur.  Batur cone has been constructed within the inner caldera to a height above the outer caldera rim has produced vents over much of the inner caldera, but a NE-SW fissure system has localized the Batur I, II, and III craters along the summit ridge. Historical eruptions have been characterized by mild-to-moderate explosive activity sometimes accompanied by Lava emission and flows from both summit and flank vents have reached the caldera floor and the shores of Lake Batur in historical time. The caldera contains an active, 700-meter-tall rising above the surface of Lake Batur. In 1804 was the first historically documented eruption of Batur, and it has been frequently active after that. The substantial lava field from the 1968 eruption is visible today when viewed from Kintamani village.


It is always nice to be around there. We can see or watch stunning natural scenery of Penelokan, a spot in Kintamani, a combination of Mount Batur and the expanse of black rock with Lake Batur and on a blue caldera. Tourists often call the world’s most beautiful caldera. Because the number of tourists grew, Penelokan already has an adequate infrastructure facilities complete with lodging and restaurants, where you can have your lunch with buffet style and friendly Balinese staff.

Not only that. meanwhile enjoying the view, you can try the local fruits lake oranges, mangoes teen, pineapple, strawberry, banana, passion fruit and many more because a cool, damp climate suited to growing those fruits and people sell it on market day, which falls every third day, the main street becomes a bustling chaos of vendors, some of whom have traveled from far away, carrying their wares on horseback. Kintamani also become our most vegetables supplier in Bali, they send it to the other part of Bali mostly city like Denpasar. So, don’t miss this full day Kintamani tour since you are in Bali.


Kintamani is very famous place or tourist destination, everyday there are a lot of tourists from many countries come to see the stunning view or to do tracking by early morning to see sun rice. Before we entering the volcano area, entrance ticket will be charged 30.000 Rupiah each person.

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